Aerial Yoga: The Detox of my Dreams

It’s been just about 2 hours since I finished my first aerial yoga class, and I can already feel the benefits happening in my body.

I can seriously feel the detox process starting. It was such an amazing experience I had to get to my computer as fast as possible to share this experience with you.

My daughter is about to be 17 months old. And lets just agree that getting a workout in is somewhat of a challenge – with or without a kiddo. I have tried a couple times, but couldn’t commit. I know I NEEDED to workout for various reasons that I’m about to share with you, but finding the time and balance to make it happen just wasn’t in the cards. I am so glad I followed through today. For the first time since I found out I was pregnant, I really worked out and pushed myself to stretch my limits.

I dealt with postpartum depression and anxiety for much of the first year of my daughters life. And to be honest I still have moments it creeps back in. But I am working on that. I NEEDED to workout. Not just for the benefits of cardio or strengthening or muscle toning or weight loss. But for my MIND.

I wanted to detox my body, because I knew my mind had some imbalances I wanted to correct and thought a detox would help that out naturally. Well, I will share more on this with you later, but I can’t take pills. Plus, I am not a fan of taking pills for a cleanse anyhow. I don’t have the time or energy to do a juice cleanse. I looked at companies, for what felt like far and wide, to find something that could offer a cleanse that was whole food based (and preferably organic) with some supplements, so that maybe I could make that work. I tried it. And I failed right off the bat, because I just can’t take pills. I tried crushing the pills and opening the capsules – lets just say there is a reason they are pills, because they are disgusting. I’m digressing… Back to the main point. I had to give up on my idea of a “detox.” Then, today happened.

I went to the class today because I missed my friends. I missed the environment. The encouragement. The empowerment I always found there. Altitude Fitness here in Frisco, TX had been my haven and sanity at one point. So I returned today. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

I knew I would feel off balance, out of shape, and just generally awkward. But what I didn’t anticipate was the fact that I would have an emotional experience. I pushed myself, and encouraged my body to lean into the poses and go for those movements. Trusting myself, the apparatus for the class, and in our instructor, Tricia. I had moments I had to step out and take a break as I was nauseated. I was moving in ways I probably haven’t since I was a kid. It was thrilling. So, once I regained my fortitude I jumped back in and continued my first attempt at aerial yoga.

Later, as we continued through our yoga practice she told us some benefits about aerial yoga. Yoga itself has some pretty powerful benefits. In fact as as side note, one of my chiropractor friends said that people who regularly practice yoga rarely need spinal adjustments because they are already so aligned. So, here are some benefits to aerial yoga with traditional yoga:

  • The compression of the aerial yoga hammock (the silks that hold you up) mobilizes cellulite so your body can expel the fat
  • Can reduce bloating and water retention
  • If your IT bands are tight (this is a chronic issue for me) it will help release the lactic acid so your body can flush it
  • Increases circulation in your body
  • In particular, the increased circulation can help with mental clarity (already experiencing that!)
  • Boosts your serotonin levels
  • Aids in flushing your lymphatic system as it presses and moves right on your lymph nodes in you groin and armpit areas since you place the silk there through out movements
  • And I could go on!

Now you know why I had to rush home and share this with you! I not only will flush the toxins I wanted to rid my body of for all these months, but I also get all the benefits of yoga and working out on top of it. This is powerful to me. You can bet you’ll be seeing me there regularly. It’s my new therapy.

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